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Massage Therapy at Mukilteo Chiropractic Clinic

Relax while reaping the benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage feels great - and it is good for you too!  There are many reasons to utilize the expertise of our massage therapists, not the least of which is relaxation.

Regular massage can also improve the results of the chiropractic adjustments by relaxing tense muscles, stimulating blood flow, removing scar tissue & speeding up the overall healing process. Whatever the reason, our massage therapists are here for you!

  • Stress Reduction
  • Relieves Muscle Spasms
  • Work Related Accidents
  • Injury from an Auto Accident

We have multiple massage therapists on staff ready to assist you in your healing process today. They are here six days a week by appointment, to help serve our patients more efficiently and effectively.

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Massage Testimonial-

I have been seeing Angelica for the past three months for massage therapy.  When I started seeing her I was experiencing severe pain through my leg and foot (from sciatica, plantar fasciitis and a bone spur in the heel).  I had been prescribed massage therapy through the Podiatrist that I had been seeing.  I was having extreme pain on a daily basis and was barely able to put my foot on the floor.  Even sitting down caused unbearable pain!

Angelica came up with a plan for my therapy and combined with the stretches I do at home I am happy to say that there has been a dramatic and significant difference in a short time.  The therapy was at times a little painful, (no pain no gain) but Angelica was willing to work with me and my pain tolerance level. 

I am so grateful to her healing hands and professional guidance.  She is such a professional and having let her control my treatments she was able to locate the areas where the problem had originated from. 
Would I recommend Angelica to my friends and family?  Yes, reluctantly!  I would really like to keep her all to myself.  Seriously though I would recommend her to everyone!
Thank you so much Angelica.  It may seem a small problem solved but the impact it has made in my life is so much more!

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