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What Our Patients Say About Us

"... I could not believe.."

I have had asthma since I was 5.  When I got sick with bronchitis I came in to get adjusted.  I could not believe how open my chest was to breathe easier without strain.  I like that...

"..I felt great"

After my adjustment by Steve I got off the table and I felt great.  My back and knees moved effortlessly and with more range than before. 

~ David

"..Thank you Dr. Steve"

When I first started treatment I was able to stand up straight.  Now my back feels stronger and I now walk up straight.  Thank you Dr. Steve.


" I really feel much better, thank you!"

After Steve adjusted my back I’ve noticed the nagging pain is almost totally gone, I look forward to further adjustments.  I really feel much better, thank you!

~ Richard  

Celebrities Talk About Chiropractic Care

Dixie Carter

"I have a wonderful chiropractor. I believe a healthy spine is a healthy body." 

~Dixie Carter

Bob Hope

"Chiropractic is a wonderful means of natural healing!" 

~Bob Hope

Napoleon Hill

Author of Think and Grow Rich said the secret for good health was 'eat sparingly, work enthusiastically in a labor of love, love generously, and get Chiropractic adjustments once a week!'

~ Napoleon...


One of our clients hand written testimonials, she is a young girl that has benefited from adjustments


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